The Potwin Public Library was started in the mid-1930s by a group of ladies from the Senior Study Club. Each lady brought their extra books to Mrs. Collingsworth’s home. They also held food sales to buy books.

The library was first located in the Community House in the southeast upstairs room. The first librarian was Anna McNary, followed by Marie Swift, Edna Ferking, and Betty Whiteside with assistant June Slater.

In 1973, Wheatstate Telephone Company (now Wheatstate Technologies) gave to the city the old stone bank building, which was built in 1904. The building had previously been the telephone company’s offices. After extensive remodeling, the city turned the building over to the library. The books were moved into the new library with the help of the Potwin Girl Scouts.

In 1982, Mrs. Florence Kerr left the library $5000 in her will to help improve the library. New shelves, typewriter, air-conditioner, film projector and many more items needed were purchased with this money. In 2005 the library was again remodeled, with new paint and carpeting. In 2008 oak bookshelves were built and installed by the El Dorado Honor Camp. In 2017 the Children’s Room was remodeled with new paint, carpeting, and oak bookshelves. The bookshelves were handcrafted and installed by craftsman John Claassen. 

One unique feature of our library is the location of the restroom, which is located in the old bank safe.

Orlan Lintner in front of the bank, probably around 1916.